To realize the DX of operating companies in a sophisticated and reliable manner

We analyze customer data mainly using AI in B to B, and for a wide range of purposes of customers, from management judgment of management to improvement of sales figures, improvement of on-site safety and productivity, quality control. On the other hand, it is an IT company that independently develops and provides services for perfectly suited apps in a short period of time.

DX (Digital Transformation) is being called for, but I think there are the following difficulties for customers to promote DX on their own.

It's hard to tell which of the many DX-related services out there is right for you.
It is difficult to predict what kind of personnel inside and outside the company and how to proceed with AI, which can be an important tool for DX.
I have an image that I want to use AI in-house, but there are no human resources in the company, and even if I place an order outside, I can not start introducing it in a situation where the cost merit is ambiguous.

DX or business improvement using AI is actually quite muddy and requires tenacious trial and error and effort.
We believe that creative and effective DX projects will only be possible after frank discussions with customers in the event of difficulties along the way.

Although we are a small organization, we utilize public clouds, etc., and have the necessary and sufficient knowledge and know-how to promote DX projects, and we have established a system of cooperation with external partners. By seriously pursuing our mission and values, we would like to provide services that exceed our customers' expectations and fulfill our social mission.

July 2021 Satoru TAJIMA