Predict the danger of work to be done at the construction site

Analyze employment accident cases of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and enhance KY activities

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Overview of K-SAFE

01 Utilization of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare data

Various occupational accidents, large and small, occur at construction sites. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes information on https://anzeninfo.mhlw.go.jp/ . K-SAFE can comprehensively load, analyze, and utilize the information of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's open data (about 64,000 cases) to capture occupational accidents from multiple perspectives. * As an option, past cases of users can be imported into K-SAFE.

02 Adopts original Japanese analysis method

K-SAFE has a function to intuitively grasp accidents related to work by sorting and organizing work expressions, cause expressions, and accident expressions from unstructured occupational accident occurrence status sentences.

* Joint patent pending with Kajima Corporation

03 You can do KY activities based on your work

At K-SAFE, the user inputs the details of the work to be performed at the construction site, and the disasters that occur in similar work are searched and analyzed by the AI ​​engine developed independently, and the possible risks are determined by the frequency of occurrence and accidents. We will call attention according to the severity of. The aggregated results can be output as PDF for meeting materials and for contacting partner companies.

04 Easy-to-use UI

Depending on the situation at the site, K-SAFE can be used not only in the office at safety meetings, but also on smartphones and tablets for on-site guidance. While the input is simple, the output can be easily selected in various formats such as factor-based graphs and time-series display. Case data for which you want to know the details can be drilled down by intuitive operation, and the detailed contents can be referred to smoothly.

Main function update information

We have released a beta version that allows users to easily register occupational accident data -2023.03
Added a function that can be linked with the user's work management system -2023.01
About 500 items of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare data have been added. -2022.12
Search keywords can now be customized by users -2022.11
Added grid display function for visualization graph. -2022.10
Added user management function for synonyms. -2022.09
Added a search function that considers synonyms. Improved search speed. -2022.08
Added search function by API. -2022.05
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare data, about 4600 cases have been added. -2022.04
The countermeasure sentence recommendation function has become smarter. -2022.03
Improved accuracy of cause labels.-2022.02

Features to be added

Continuous improvement of security functions 2023.06-
Function for inviting internal users by users 2023.06-
A function that automatically analyzes user data with AI 2023.08-