[Mission(role we should play)]
Let data make customers happy!!
Achieving customer happiness through the power of
data Exploring the possibilities of data that customers may not be aware of and making it a force to collect data, organize analysis, propose hypotheses, build models , To realize the application installation all at once

[Vision(Achievement of mission)]
Realize a way in which "genuine beauty" continues to function and innovation continues to occur among customers

[Value (values ​​to cherish)]
We value the following values ​​to achieve our mission vision
QUALITY Sticking to the quality of deliverables that exceed customer expectations
FAIRNESS Focus on "customer happiness", paying attention to reducing information asymmetry
BE BRAVE Even if you hit an inconvenient fact, do not run away and work head-on
BE INNOVATIVE Promptly delivering new technologies and devices to customers
RESPECT DATA Humbly listen to the voice of the data and eliminate prejudice and prejudice
INTEGRITY Do your best to keep working on the results